HAD 142: Ales of Scotland

Today’s episode is about Scottish Ales. . . wait that’s can’t be right. We’ve already done that, haven’t we? . . . Apparently we haven’t. How did we miss this? Well, let’s dive into it then, because there is an interesting tradition of Scottish brewing. Things might get a wee heavy but we will still, Have a drink



  • Beverage: Scottish Ale

  • Brand: Belhaven Brewery

  • Style: Scottish Ale

  • Strength: 5.2%

  • Other (IBU, description, etc.): 

  • Score (BA, Untappd, etc.): 86 (3.84/5)

Brittany & Christopher

  • Beverage: Robert the Bruce, Skull Splitter, Dirty Bastard, Wee Heavy

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