HAD 120: Stone Brewing

Greg Koch was a rolling stone, wherever he brewed his beer was his home . . . I’m not reading this, least of all because it’s probably going to get us some sort of take-down notice. It’s time to turn our focus to those arrogant beers from a little brewery called Stone. Maybe we’ll learn they aren’t such bastards after all, and all the while Have A Drink.


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The Perfect Disguise

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Guinness



  • Beverage: W00t Stout

  • Brand: Stone

  • Style: Stout

  • Strength: 11.5%

Christopher & Justin

  • Beverage: Conjunctivitis Ale

  • Brand: 2nd Shift Brewing

  • Style: New England IPA

  • Strength: 5%

  • Other (IBU, description, etc.): Crider has always wanted to brew a Pink IPA (or is it a Pink Eye-PA?) and name it “Conjunctivitis.” We brewed this New England-style IPA with Zythos hops, lactose, and hibiscus flowers. Here’s mud in your eye!

  • Score (BA, Untappd, etc.): 3.8/5 Untappd