HAD 140: Milk & Milk Alternatives

Milk. . . yeah, we’re just as surprised as you are. Well, it has been around since, well mammals, but we’ve been drinking other animals’ milk for centuries so maybe we take a closer look at it. Also people have been making alternatives to Milk, so we’ll look at this too and, while watching out for mustaches, Have a Drink.


Hoppiest HopCat



  • Beverage: Curmudgeon’s Better Half

  • Brand: Founders Brewing

  • Style: Old Ale brewed with Molasses and aged in Maple Syrup Bourbon Barrels

  • Strength: 12.7%

  • Other (IBU, description, etc.): 35; What tames an old ale like Curmudgeon? The tender embrace of oak and sweet maple, that’s what. The result is Curmudgeon’s Better Half, a harmonious matrimony of our deceptively smooth old ale brewed with molasses and time spent aging in bourbon barrels that have previously held maple syrup. Because all counterparts should be sweet, rich and utterly delicious.


  • Beverage: Personal Submarine

  • Brand: Evil Twin/ Trillium

  • Style: Quadruple IPA

  • Strength: 13%

  • Other (IBU, description, etc.): 

  • Score (BA, Untappd, etc.): 92 (4.36 / 5)


  • Beverage: Life and Limb

  • Brand: Sierra Nevada/ Dogfish

  • Style: American Strong Ale

  • Strength: 10.2%

  • Other (IBU, description, etc.): Eight years after it was last seen, a blast from Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.’s past is set to return. That creation is Life and Limb 2019, a 10.2 percent ABV strong ale brewed with birch and maple syrup that is a collaboration between Sierra Nevada’s founder Ken Grossman and brewer Brian Grossman and Dogfish Head Brewery’s founder and president Sam Calagione and vice president Mariah Calagione. This will be the third time that the ale has been released after it debuted in 2009 and it was rereleased in 2011.

  • Score (BA, Untappd, etc.): BA:90 Outstanding

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