HAD 138: Bottled-in-Bond

Bond, Bottled in Bond. With all the drinking James Bond did, I’m surprised we never got a line like that. While it may not be the drink of choice for Double 0 agents, it is the choice for drinkers on the show who like a Double 0 proof (100 proof) so we’re going to look a little into this term and see what makes it so special in the spirits world. So grab some whiskey, or maybe something else, and join us as we have a drink.


Bell’s Two Hearted Day (2019)

Make All Day Last Even Longer

Seven City Tour 2019



  • Beverage: Rittenhouse Rye

  • Brand: Rittenhouse

  • Style: Straight Rye Whisky

  • Strength: 50%


  • Beverage: Henry McKenna 10 Year

  • Brand: Heaven Hill

  • Style: Bourbon

  • Strength: 50%

  • Other (IBU, description, etc.): 

  • Score (BA, Untappd, etc.):


  • Beverage: Evan Williams Bottled-in-Bond

  • Brand: Evan Williams

  • Style: 

  • Strength: 50%

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