HAD 126: Drinking Games

Mankind has always strove for achievement. To be able to prove your worth against others and perform great deeds of skill and athleticism. Today, we are not talking about that. We are talking about drinking games, because sometimes you can’t talk to the people in the room with you, even with alcohol’s help. So instead, we concoct rules that we can’t remember by the time we’re finished with the game and everyone has a good blackout. Never before have we needed to impress the need to drink responsibly, because we know you are still going to have a drink.



  • Beverage: Batisserie  S’Mores Stout

  • Brand: Energy City Brewing

  • Style: Milk Style

  • Strength: 10%

  • Other (IBU, description, etc.):

  • Score (BA, Untappd, etc.): 4.31/5


  • Beverage: Operation Plowshare

  • Brand: Urban Artifact

  • Style: MWFT

  • Strength: 7.7%

  • Other (IBU, description, etc.): IBU 20. A Midwest Fruit Tart brewed with 2,600 lbs of blackberries & 60 g of vanilla beans per 30 BBL batch. Take a bite into a glass of this liquid jelly doughnut!

  • Score (BA, Untappd, etc.):4.12/5

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