HAD 102: Barleywine

Welcome to today’s show on . . . no we just did wine. Who did the scheduling? Bob I swear, we give you access to docs and you just. . . oh, Barley Wine. That isn’t wine at all. We’re in for a beer style episode on Barley wines. So strap in, maybe clear your schedule for tomorrow morning, and have a drink.


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  • Beverage: Ice Mountain Sparkling Trip Berry Water


  • Beer: Ginger Bigfoot

  • Brewery: Sierra Nevada

  • Style: Barrel Aged Barley Wine

  • ABV:  11.4%

  • IBUs: 65

  • Beer Advocate Score: 3.8/5


  • Beer: London Balling - Amburana Wood-Aged

  • Brewery: Against the Grain Brewery

  • Style: British Barleywine

  • ABV:  12.5%

  • IBUs: 18

  • Beer Advocate Score: 4.38/5

  • Brewery’s description: Big, ballsy, barmy, and barrel aged. London Balling is not typical. It’s a skirmish of flavor. The barrel imparts oak and vanilla mixed with the caramel sweetness from a malt bill with brick, that’ll knock your bloody bollocks around. Hey Bloke? Fancy that and you’ll be gobsmacked.

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