HAD 98: Tequila - Part One

I seem to have misplaced the show doc, what’s today’s episode? Chris why are you wearing a sombrero? Also, why is Bob dressed like Peewee Herman, you can get arrested like that . . . Oh tequila. I guess it’s time for another spirit, but are we ready for it, can we fit all of tequila into one episode? No, we can’t; we’re doing two episodes, so buckle up for episode one, and get ready to Have A Drink.


  • Our next episode is not going to be live next week but we will be posting the second part of this tequila adventure next weekend, Aug 25.

  • Speaking of next weekend, we will be doing our Patron hangout for our $5-per-month Patrons on Saturday, Aug 25 at 8:00 PM EST

  • Movie draft update


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