HAD 97: Coffee - Part Two

Just when you thought it was safe to listen to the show, we come back . . . with coffee. We’ve come back to the topic, because one episode couldn’t contain the amount of information we had. So buckle up for Coffee part 2, electric boogaloo, and have a drink


  • Our next episode will be live on Saturday, Aug 18 at 9:00 PM EDT covering part one of our two-part Tequila episode

  • Movie draft update


Goose Island tricked us all!! (here is the real BCBS lineup)




  • Beverage: Strawberry Apple Green Tea


  • Beer: Kalamazoo Stout

  • Brewery: Bell’s Brewery

  • Style: American Stout

  • ABV:  6.0%

  • IBUs: ?

  • Beer Advocate Score: 3.98/5

  • Brewery’s description:Named after the city where it all began, Kalamazoo Stout is one of our most classic recipes. This smooth, full-bodied stout offers a blend of aromas and flavors of dark chocolate and freshly roasted coffee, balanced with a significant hop presence.


  • Beer: Blackbeard’s Breakfast

  • Brewery: Heavy Seas

  • Style: American Porter

  • ABV:  10%

  • IBUs: 40

  • Beer Advocate Score:4.15/5

  • Brewery’s description: We partnered with local coffee producer Chesapeake Bay Roasting to produce this intriguing ale. Rich porter flavors are enhanced by roast coffee notes and rounded out by bourbon barrel aging, creating a brew of bewitching character.


  • Drink:

    • White, Chocolate Russian

      • 1 oz Vodka

      • 4 oz Kahlua

      • 1 oz Cream

      • 4 oz Chocolate milk

      • 4 oz Frozen Chocolate Gas Station Drink

      • Mix