HAD 87: Berliner Weisse

Every free citizen of the world is a citizen of Berlin, and today I say, Ich Bein Ein Berliner Weisse. Today we are all about Berliner Weisse. We are going to dive in to this topic and talk all about this tart style. We even have a special brew just for this episode, so come in and Have a drink.


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Thanks to All About Beer magazine and author Keith Klemp for the majority of today's story. His writeup on the history of the style was well produced and quite inclusive.

Casey's Strawberry Berliner Weisse Recipe

10Lbs 2 Row Malt

1 Lb Acidulated Malt

2 Lb Flaked Wheat


1 oz Citra Hops in last 15 mins


Standard ale yest

When fermentation slows:

2 Lbs fresh strawberries blended and boiled 2 mins

3 lbs of Strawberry Preserves