HAD 84: Coffee (part one)

What’s going on, something weird is happening, I can hear my heartbeat. Also, I really have to poop. What is happening to me! I blame this black demon juice in front of me. It’s not even cold. I guess we are talking about coffee. But it’s apparently too much to cover in one episode. I mean, if we were all talking like this maybe, but I don’t think that’s an option. So settle in and brew a pot. We’re never getting to sleep at this rate, so we are going to Have a Drink.


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  • Beer: Dead blow with starter coffee

  • Brewery: Braxton

  • Style: Tropical stout

  • ABV:  7.2%

  • IBUs: 27

  • Beer Advocate Score: 3.9/5

  • Brewery’s description: For this beer, we’ve taken our Starter Coffee Blend and added it to Dead Blow Tropical Stout during the brewing process. The result is the perfect balance of bitterness and sweetness paired with the delicate roast of a Stout. It’s a beer worth the buzz.

Description of Dead Blow: This is a Tropical version of the Foreign Extra Stout. Eighty pounds of macerated dates made its way into this brew, partnered with a Dry English Ale yeast to provide a vibrant fruity/tropical aroma with a slight amount of fruity esters. The Dry English ale yeast helps this beer attenuate lower, however leaving a residual sweetness on the finish as well as increase the fruity characteristic received from the Dates. Dead Blow is a dry, roasty, fruity, full bodied, smooth stout, that is lighter on bitterness.



  • Beer: Breakfast Stout

  • Brewery: Founders Brewing

  • Style: Imperial Stout

  • ABV:  8.3%

  • IBUs: 60

  • Beer Advocate Score: 4.51/5

  • Brewery’s description: The coffee lover’s consummate beer. Brewed with an abundance of flaked oats, bitter and imported chocolates, and two types of coffee, this stout has an intense fresh-roasted java nose topped with a frothy, cinnamon-colored head that goes forever. NOW AVAILABLE YEAR ROUND!!!!!!


  • Drink: KY Mountain Coffee Brazilian Single Origin Decaffeinated - Medium Roast

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