HAD 57: Mini Fest Bowl


Join us for our Mini Fest Bowl as we blindly taste through the Oktoberfest beers and not only decide on our favorite, but see if we can pick out the winner from last year. So come in, and have a drink!


  • Our next video episode will be Sunday, Sep. 24 at 6:00 PM EST covering the Sweetwater Fall Variety Pack. You can find the video stream on DiamondClub.tv, YouTube, and Twitch all at Have A Drink Show.

  • The next audio episode will be posted around Oct. 2 and be on Founders Brewing Company


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Our bowl contestants

Victory Festbier | Uinta Fest Helles | Dark Horse Oktoberfest | Hi-Wire Zirkusfest | Brooklyn Oktoberfest | Flying Dog Dogtoberfest

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