HAD 50: Bourbon

The corn grows high for a specific reason in our old Kentucky Home: so we can make bourbon. I guess you can eat corn, but why waste what could be a fine type of Whiskey? We hit 50 episodes today and we are celebrating with Bourbon, so come in and have a drink.



  • Bourbon: Double Oaked

  • Distillery: Woodford Reserve

  • Proof: 90.4


  • Bourbon: Larceny

  • Distillery: Heaven Hill Distillery

  • Proof: 92


  • Bourbon: US*1

  • Distillery: Michter’s

  • Proof: 91.4


  • Bourbon: Pikesville Rye

  • Distillery: Heaven Hill

  • Proof: 110

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We would like to thank Alan Robinson for the show music and Len Peralta for the album art.

Part of the "What We're Drinking" bumper is from the Youthful Brewmaster card in the Blizzard game, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.