HAD 31: Homebrew 3 - Brew Harder

It’s that time again. No, not tool time. It’s never tool time, that wasn’t even a real show. It’s time to talk about Homebrewing. We brought in our sometimes co-host Casey to teach more on how to brew. So come in, and have a drink!

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  • Beer: Tuberfest

  • Brewery: Lagunitas

  • Style: Märzen

  • ABV: 7.5%

  • IBUs: 45

  • RateBeer Score: 81/99


  • Beer: Expedition Stout

  • Brewery: Bell's

  • Style: Russian Imperial Stout

  • ABV:  10.5%

  • IBUs: 78

  • RateBeer Score: 100


  • Beer: Unsessionable

  • Brewery: Revolution Brewing

  • Style: Imperial IPA

  • ABV: 10%

  • IBUs: 100

  • RateBeer Score: 94


  • Beer: Midnight Special    

  • Brewery: Yellowhammer Brewing

  • Style: Black lager “Schwarzbier”

  • ABV:  5.8%

  • IBUs: N/A

  • RateBeer Score: N/A

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Part of the "What We're Drinking" bumper is from the Youthful Brewmaster card in the Blizzard game, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

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